Cookies policy

Due to the content we provide through we use cookies, we may also make use of other technologies with similar or identical functions. All information regarding cookies presented below also applies to other similar technologies used on our websites. Cookies (also referred to as cookies files) are computer data files (mostly containing text) that are stored on devices used to access a website.

Cookies are used to:

  1. Customize website content based on user preferences and optimize website user experience by e.g. adjusting display options to the user’s device parameters.
  2. Create statistics that help us analyze website interaction patterns of our users.
  3. Provide users with advertising content that suits their interests, also through remarketing.
  4. Maintain user sessions thanks to which they do not have to input their logins and passwords each time they visit our website.

Most Internet browsers enable storing cookies on users’ devices by default. Our users may, at any time, change their cookie preferences. The settings may be changed in particular in order to disable automatic cookie handling by a browser or inform the user whenever cookies are saved on his device.

More information about cookie handling is available in your browser settings. Not changing the said cookie settings means that cookie files will be stored on the user’s device. This in turn means that we will store information on the user’s device and access the information from the device as well.

Disabling cookies may make it difficult to use certain services available on our websites, mostly those requiring logging in. Disabling cookies does not mean that you will not be able to access and browse content available on our websites, except for cases where logging in is required.

Cookies may be stored on the user’s device and used by advertisers, research companies and multimedia application providers working with the service.